Welcome to Wrangler Plugins, home of my collection of Wordpress plugins.

Below are the plugins. If you have any questions, feel free to use the forums.

Widget Wrangler

Widget Wrangler gives you full control over your Wordpress widgets.

Widget Wrangler is a plugin for WordPress that gives administrators a clean interface for managing widgets on a page by page basis.

It provides widgets as a post type, gives you the ability to use existing wordpress widgets (called 'Cloning'), and provides shortcode support for individual widgets.


"Widget Wrangler is great! Easy and fun to use. It's part of the plugin suite I use on all my wordpress sites. Simple usage means I can teach end-user clients how to manage widgets on a page-to-page basis and not worry that they'll mess anything up. Each update gets better. Highly recommended."

Query Wrangler

Query Wrangler helps you create custom Wordpress Queries

This plugin lets you create new WP queries as pages or widgets. It's basically Drupal Views for WordPress.

Highly based on Drupal's Views, the Query Wrangler's interface is highly intuitive for any Drupal View's user.

This plugin will bring extreme flexibility to WordPress users with it's ability to create custom queries using the WP_Query class.